Event deleted (or disappeared) from Admin UI Index but still in Search Index

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Oct 11, 2022, 10:35:43 AM10/11/22
to Opencast Users
we are facing some trouble with events being deleted from the Admin UI/API but still existing in the search index.


yields in

[...],{"id":"182911d6-e00c-44f4-8aac-05c65e35c218","org":"mh_default_org","mediapackage":{"duration":3409760,"id":"182911d6-e00c-44f4-8aac-05c65e35c218","start":"2022-10-10T09:48:00Z","title":"Vorleseung Zitieren 8.11.2022","series":"784ff41d-dd15-4c04-b16d-dd8c8b7befa8","seriestitle":"FSQ1 - Vorlesung: Sport und Sportwissenschaft, Die 8.00-9.30, VSP 1 HS 1.23 - WS 2022/23",...

https://admin.opencast.example.com/api/events/182911d6-e00c-44f4-8aac-05c65e35c218 returns

"Cannot find an event with id '182911d6-e00c-44f4-8aac-05c65e35c218'."

This causes some trouble with our Stud.IP Plugin as it first queries the presentation lucene search index and then the Admin API where it doesn't find the episode and tries to insert NULL-Values into DB table columns which do not allow NULL values.

  1. Can someone think of a way how the episodes ended up being deleted on Admin but not in search?
  2. How can I manually get rid of the Episodes from search, or can I get them back to admin (publication to Workspace WOH for instance?)?

-- Felix

Greg Logan

Oct 25, 2022, 11:13:24 PM10/25/22
to us...@opencast.org
Hi Felix,

1: Admin is ES, Search is Solr.  Potentially what happened here is that the delete got through to the ES index, but something happened and didn't get to search.  Once it's gone from ES it would disappear from admin's view, and it would be easy to miss that something went wrong removing the Solr entry

2: You're looking for DELETE /search/{mpid} to remove it from the search index.  Restoring it back to admin is probably much, much harder.


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Matthias Vollroth

Nov 24, 2022, 6:48:41 AM11/24/22
to us...@opencast.org
Hi Greg,

same issue here. Event is deleted but still in the search index. 
Any chance to add this in a delete workflow - and how?

Thanks in advance.

Greg Logan

Dec 6, 2022, 5:22:02 PM12/6/22
to us...@opencast.org
Hi Matthias,

Not easily, since the admin UI is backed by the elasticsearch index.  By the time you manage to get it back into the admin UI you probably would be better off spending time using common shell tools and the various endpoints to script something that does it for you.

Is this happening a lot?  It shouldn't be happening at all, which makes me wonder if there's an edgecase somewhere that we've missed.

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