Slow reindexation performance with 11k managed ACLs

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Sep 23, 2023, 8:50:15 AM9/23/23
to Opencast Users
just thought this might be of notice for institutions who use managed ACLs (i.e. "Access policies" / Access Policy Templates).
We had 11k of them due to how the Stud.IP Opencast Plugin worked in the past.
AccessInformationUtil::matchAcls() required 6s to process (that's 6s per series and per event) which was certainly too slow for a sane /index/rebuild
Eventually, I dropped them from the database. Don't do that if you're not planning to reindex all your assets, though or if you are still relying on them.

DELETE FROM opencast.oc_acl_managed_acl
WHERE `name` LIKE 'course%'
   OR `name` LIKE 'combined%';

Now, with only about 7 ACLs left, one series was indexed within under 50ms.

-- Felix
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