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Sven Laudel

Jan 24, 2020, 5:44:26 AM1/24/20
to Opencast Users

as we want to force opencast a bit next semester, we need some mobile recording equipment.
Not all of our lecture halls can be equiped with fixed capture agents.
We do mobile recording quite a while but it is really time consuming, because the recordings need to be manually synchronized (presenter and presentation) and cut before they can be uploaded to opencast. At the moment we do it with a consumer camera recording on sd-card and the presentation is recorded using camtasia.

We also have 2 mobile galicaster pro units which work quite good but they are not that mobile they should be. They are lend to remote campus sites where they are used for block events for longer terms.

Does anyone use some sort of mobile capture agent, commercial or DIY?

What comes to my mind is using a powerful notebook and connecting one or two HDMI to USB3 converters so we could use "TheRec" or maybe "studio.opencast.org"?

I would be very happy about other ideas or suggestions.

Best regards

Stuart Phillipson

Jan 24, 2020, 6:29:13 AM1/24/20
to us...@opencast.org
Hi Sven,

We have a sort-of mobile capture agent. We use Mevo Cameras:

We managed to get these to work on Eduroam. Then via Wifi the stream to AWS and a media package is then ingeted into Opencast, we don’t use local storage to be more GDPR compliant. We have extended the Mevo cameras with a large battery, tripod and wireless mic. We then give these kits out to end users for locations where we don’t have / can’t have capture equipment. It is just video only, so if you want to get the presentation you have to make sure the camera is pointed at that area.

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Christian G

Jan 27, 2020, 9:34:54 AM1/27/20
to Opencast Users
Hi Sven,

we do not do mobile Lecture Capture.
But for special Events we do it with a epiphan Pearl.
Sadly they do not have a Opencast connection so far.
So maybe Arec Media Station KL-3W[1] is an Option. We have one of these installed permanently.

If you are going for an DIY CA maybe PyCA or OBS with the OpencastPlugin[2] is an Option for you.


Yusupha Touray

Apr 3, 2024, 5:50:55 PMApr 3
to Opencast Users, c.gre...@gmail.com
Hello Christian,
Epiphan will soon have support for Opencast. This is currently in development and will be released as early as June 2024. See this website for details. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about this integration.

Kind regards,
Epiphan Video
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