Review Friday this week! On Thursday!?

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Mar 25, 2024, 11:22:50 AMMar 25
to Opencast Users
Hi everyone,

Katrin has decided to decrease her community duties somewhat and relinquish the position of Review Friday person to me. Besides that, nothing much has changed, your monthly reminders simply come from a different mail address now :). Here's to many more review fridays!

Speaking of friday, I suggest to make an exception this month and move it to Thursday. That would be the 28th of March instead of the 29th. The reason being that there will be a national holiday on friday (Karfreitag) which means I and possibly many others would have trouble participating. If this does not work for you, do not hesitate to speak up! If the majority of people wants to do friday, we can totally do that.

Now, onto pull requests. We got 54 open pull requests in total. 22 for the main Opencast project, 22 for the new Admin UI and 10 for the Opencast Editor. As per usual, the complete overview can be found at

The most important pull request to get reviews for remains the removal of Solr in favor of
Elasticsearch: https://github.cremoval of Solr in favor of
Elasticsearch: If you have a test system with any semblance of real world data, please do give it a spin and report if anything breaks, as this pull request does include breaking changes!

Quality selection for mp4 videos in the Paella Player 7 is now also available! This has been important to many, so let's get it thoroughly tested.

The new admin ui still has many bug fixes as well as code improvements. Of particular importance is a bug fix that prevents users from accessing events they themselves created. Oops

Any help is appreciated! And I mean that. You do NOT need to know how to code to do a review. Simply running the pull request on your test system and reporting your findings is already a big help. Of course, code reviews are still welcome too :).Come talk to us in our community chat on Friday Thursday at

Best wishes,

Arne Wilken
Karlstr. 23
D-26123 Oldeburg
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