Summary of today's meeting (25th of April 2022)

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Manuel Oellers

Apr 25, 2022, 12:02:59 PMApr 25
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Hello all,

at today's meeting on 25th of April 2022, we discussed the future of the OAT and addressed the open questions from the previous meeting.

To find a regular meeting schedule, the following poll shall be used:

The poll is open till 15th of May 2022. Until further notice the WWU organizes the upcoming meetings.

Meeting summaries
A public pad was created to sum up what happened so far. The pad is open for everyone to contribute, so if any detail is missing, please add it here: If the pad reaches limits in future, older meetings could be relocated, until then one central location seemed to be more practical.

Next steps to create a community version
Discussion: Who will be able to merge the MCA? What needs to be done before a merge?

In order to obtain a functional community version of the OAT, the remaining functions of the WWU should first be developed and then merged back into the master. A merge can be done by ELAN e.V., which requires a suitable PR. This will be prepared by the WWU. Necessary work includes the completion of the questionnaire tool. Furthermore, from the point of view of, it seems advantageous to adopt central functions first, before the version is used there, on the one hand to facilitate migration processes and on the other hand not to burden users with a changeover. For course contexts, the WWU is working on a concept, which will then be presented. The tool performance was mentioned as improvement, but as noted, this may have already been improved in the parallel development.

Discussion: Which companies are able to work on the OAT?

ssystems has been asked about working on the OAT, but has not yet responded, otherwise ELAN e.V. is mainly the choice (but not within this year for capacity reasons); otherwise developers/freelancers as a third party could be asked.

Quality control
Discussion: How do we want to organize quality control?

Furthermore, quality control in the development of the OAT was discussed. For smaller requests, ELAN e.V. can do the technical review. checks if there is a possibility to participate in the technical reviews. For usability reviews the community can be consulted via this mailing list.

Development process

Discussion: How could a development process be established?

Another point discussed was the ongoing establishment and flow of the development process, which is equally suitable for the above-mentioned forms of reviews, also with external partners or non-technically oriented groups of people. An automatic build system was found to be advantageous for this purpose, but an establishment has not yet been decided. Until a central possibility is examined, local offers are to be used.

How shall these meetings continue?

The organization of the meetings will be taken over by the WWU for the time being. For this purpose, this mail contains a survey above in order to find a regular date as schedule.

How could the future of the OAT be shaped?

Also the idea of a new development was taken up again. Redevelopment of the OAT may be considered as another option in the future. Pending funding, it seemed useful to gather requirements already. WWU will provide a list for this purpose, which can be used as a basis for expansion.

Best regards
Manuel Oellers

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