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Camila Salazar

Feb 27, 2023, 6:25:05 AMFeb 27
to Open Contracting Data Standard - Discussion Group

At the Open Contracting Partnership we have just launched our new Open Contracting Data Registry at It is the first public tool to provide access to open, re-usable, and standardized data on public procurement from more than 50 countries and cities. 

In our work with partners worldwide, we heard that users sometimes find it hard to access OCDS data, as it is disclosed in different portals, or with different access methods and formats. So after talking to many of you, we decided that a simple search facility would help users easily identify and access available datasets, in line with our work to make data more accessible, usable and – as a result – more open. That’s the data registry.

With the registry you will be able to filter information by publisher, date range, update frequency and by the fields it has, for instance if you are just interested in publications that have contract implementation data.  You can also learn more about each data source, its data quality issues and download the data in json and tabular format (xlsx or csv). (See a walkthrough of the registry in this video)

We’d like to invite you to visit the registry and share with the community how you are using the data for your investigations, research analysis and monitoring tools.  

If you have any feedback or questions feel free to reach us at

Charlene Migwe-Kagume

Feb 27, 2023, 7:11:42 AMFeb 27
to Camila Salazar, Open Contracting Data Standard - Discussion Group
Dear Camila,

This is such a useful resource. Thank you for sharing!

Charlene Migwe-KagumeRegional Program Lead, East Africa
Phone: +254 729 533 560
Skype: live:czosi_1
Ikigai, Merchant Square, Riverside Dr, Nairobi, Kenya

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Marcela Rozo

Feb 27, 2023, 8:31:10 AMFeb 27
to Camila Salazar, Open Contracting Data Standard - Discussion Group, Charlene Migwe-Kagume

Dear Camila,


This is wonderful. Congratulations!


When we started working on the standard almost a decade ago, this is something we dreamed of. It is really awesome to see it becoming a reality. Kudos to all the team.


Warm wishes,





Marcela Rozo

Senior Public Sector Specialist

Nepal Country Office



+977 980 826 9337

    +1 (202) 473-4166




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