BFM: Queens Museum, Nails, Fetishes, CTAL, Gumby, Mandle, Xie, Oertzen, Grassi Museum(s)

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Sherman Clarke

Jan 29, 2021, 5:07:08 PM1/29/21
to naco,
Dear NACO fixers--
Here is some BFM for your attention:

no2019155307 - Queens Museum (2012- )
bib 2017950615 has Queens Museum

n83043836 - Confederación de Trabajadores de América Latina 
bib 46020855 has Confederación de trabajadores de América Latina [from old catalog]
subject heading starting with Fascism should just be subdivided geo to Argentina, not include the personal name Barbosa de Campos, Paulo

bib 2015289029 has Nails (Anatomy)--Care as well as Nails (Anatomy)--Care and hygiene, both marked as LCSH but the former should be deleted (Care and hygiene appears as 360 subdivision on Hygiene record - sh 85063519)

sh 92004459 - Fetishes (Ceremonial objects)
bib 2016004852 has Fetishes--Northeastern States

no2017145068 - Mandle, Roger
bib 75168864 has Mandle, Earl Roger

no2017137930 - Gumby (Fictitious character)
bibs 2009598341 and 86014862 have dollar sign instead of delimiter before qualifier

sh 85065354 - Indians of North America--Poetry
bib 2008643480 has Native Americans--Poetry

nr2002042382 - Archiv Baumeister
bib 89192030 has Staatsgalerie Stuttgart. Archiv Baumeister

no2020137008 - Xie, Lantian, 1988-
bib 2017450854 has Xie, Lantian in both 600 and 700

nb 99192554 - Oertzen, Klaus D., Baron von, 1894-1991
bib 75468390 has Oertzen, Klaus D. von, Baron Oertzne--Art collections
bib 72097779 has Oertzen, Klaus Detlof von, 1894- --Art collections

no2020133009 - Gilchrist, Helen Ives, 1884-1964
bib 24017722 has Gilchrist, Helen Ives
bibs 25000576 and 49014946 and 42044881 have Gilchrist, Helen Ives, 1884-

n 90679836 - Städtisches Kunstgewerbemuseum zu Leipzig
bibs 48031729 and 35018018 and ltf91036291 and 48031730 have Leipzig. Stadtisches kunstgewerbemuseum [from old catalog]
bib itf910363353 has Leipzig. Stadtisches Kunstgewerbe-Museum [from old catalog]

n 82085808 - Museum des Kunsthandwerks Leipzig
bib ltf91036403 has Leipzig. Stadtisches kunstgewerbemuseum [from old catalog]

n 2008074004 - Grassi Museum für Angewandte Kunst
bib 2017366616 has Grassi Museum für Angewandte Kunst Leipzig
bib 2007481266 has Grassimuseum fur angewandte Kunst, in both 610 and 710 

Thanks very much, as always, for taking care of these.

Sherman Clarke & the artnacoisti
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