2022.4 Add-on API Changes

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NVDA Add-on API Announcements

Dec 22, 2022, 12:16:48 AM12/22/22
to NVDA Add-on API Announcements
Reminder, this mailing list is read only, please provide feedback by replying directly to emails, or via GitHub.
This list is intended to notify of changes to the add-on API, for confirmation of the latest state for breakages or deprecations, please refer to the 'changes file' for the NVDA release you are interested in.

Add-on API changes have been merged, planned for inclusion in the 2022.4 release:
Move MessageWindow from core to winAPI module. (#14035)
Commit: 2392d13c5258e65993bd8d328b35c9e1d4853ab1

Breaking changes:

  • core.post_windowMessageReceipt is deprecated, use winAPI.messageWindow.pre_handleWindowMessage instead.
  • winKernel.SYSTEM_POWER_STATUS is deprecated and usage is discouraged, this has been moved to winAPI._powerTracking.SystemPowerStatus.
  • winUser.SM_* constants are deprecated, use winAPI.winUser.constants.SystemMetrics instead.

If API breaks or planned future breaks (deprecations) will cause difficulties for the ongoing development of an add-on you maintain, please let NVDA developers know by replying directly to emails, or via GitHub.
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