Support for authentication profiles in Notakey Authentication Server (NtkAS)

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Ingemārs Ašmanis

Nov 29, 2019, 5:22:14 AM11/29/19
to Notakey product announcements
We are pleased to announce general availability of authentication profiles starting from version NtkAS 2.16.9. 

Feature allows to simplify authentication flow by defining a set of actions to take when some event in authentication request is triggered, like created, approved or denied. 

Authentication profiles are defined per each service:

Profile defines all authentication request standard fields:

As you see this allows usage of defined placeholders in curly brackets {}. Custom variables can also be supplied during auth request generation.

Callbacks can be authenticated with HTTP basic authentication, generic header and OAuth 2.0 client credentials.

There can be unlimited number of callbacks for any event:


Callbacks can be any HTTP method with payload in JSON, urlencoded or simple GET requests.

To create authentication request from profile, call the auth method with profile parameter. Optional custom_vars can contain additional values that can be later reused in callbacks and authentication request message. 

POST /api/v3/services/2a435d19-a03d-4ac0-8e0e-d74a7a10e4ef/auth HTTP/1.1
Host: api.
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer 2c08aedddc8d60038cd62ed7869a536e32b5da80d0b41ebbf7368d86a0c6ef5e
cache-control: no-cache

    "username": "demo",
    "profile": "1f3192fe-ac9a-4338-ae97-a92067cc9d76",
    "custom_vars": {
        "door_user": "",
        "key": "value"

Future versions will include a set of actions when authentication request times out and support for biometric requirement customisation. 

If you have any feedback or questions please leave comment below or reply to this message (your response will be publicly visible, except email address). 

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