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Nov 7, 2022, 9:05:25 PM11/7/22

Changes since previous release 4.2.18

Below is a list of latest changes for current release version 4.3.0 of Notakey Authentication Server. Full change history for this version can be found here.

To sign up for our cloud authentication service, please visit To install on-premises authentication service please follow this guide.

Please visit our documentation site for detailed product manuals and guides.

Changes in v4.3.0

  • Audit logging can now be configured to use TCP (TLS support will be added in upcoming releases)
  • Add background job to migrate license from enterprise mode to express
  • Audit logging feature now uses structured logging in JSON format

    Each message contains the following fields:

    Field name Description Example
    type Describes type of message as explained below AUTH
    resource Identifies the affected resource (e.g. user, enrolled device, service) {“id”:“main”,“type”:“EventLogConfiguration”}
    actor Identifies who made the change {“source”:“WEB”,“username”:“admin”,“remote_ip”:“”}
    message Text describing event “User updated”

    Audit messages can be of the following types:

    Type Description
    AUTH Authentication request processing
    ONBOARDING Onboarding activities
    OFFBOARDING User onboarded device removal
    CONFIG Service configuration
    TESTLOG Test messages from UI
    USER User manipulation
    DEVICE User device changes
    RSAM Remote user source related activities
    LSAM Local user authentication activities
    ADMIN Administrator session activities
    OIDC Open ID Connect provider autentication

Changes in v4.2.19

  • Maintenance release
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