NCC Zwift Time Trial (1/7)

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Michael T. Bello

Jan 3, 2021, 1:26:34 PMJan 3
to NCC Discussion Group
Here are details for this week’s NCC Zwift Hill Climb/Time Trial series.

For January 7th, the Time Trial will be in Paris.
Two (2) Consecutive Laps of the Champs-Elysees -
Distance: 8.22 miles (4.11 miles per lap)
Avg Grade: 0%

For the group ride, we will ride two laps to warm up, about 10.3 miles, prior to the two laps of the TT. 

The timer will run for each lap, so we will have check points each lap. I will tally your two laps for the final results.

Please remember to use a time trial bike.

There will be two options for the weekly challenge. Here are the details:

1. NCC Group ride at 5:30 PM. Please follow “Michael Bello - NCC” on Zwift for an invitation. We will be chatting on Discord throughout the ride.
2. Ride the route at any point in the day and e-mail mbello at so your results can be counted. Richmond is not in the standard rotation of worlds for the day, so you will need to schedule a meetup for yourself. Since you need to invite at least one other person to the meetup, feel free to invite “Michael Bello - NCC.”

For complete details, rules, how to change to a TT bike, etc., please refer to the NCC Zwift Guide (

If the HC/TT route is not in the day's rotation, please refer to this ZwiftInsider article about setting up your own meet up:

Here is a summary of the Hill Climb/Time Trial rules:

- Must be a member of the NCC’s Strava Club
- Must have your Strava ride viewable to the Everyone (otherwise we cannot tally the results)
- Must use a Time Trial bike for both the hill climb and time trials. This prevents drafting. A time trial bike is available in the Zwift Garage. 
- The use of Power Ups is not allowed in Time Trial or Hill Climb events.

Honesty Policy:
- Please remember, Zwift is a game and everyone participating in the TT or Hill Climb series is doing it for their own enjoyment.
- Since Zwift uses power data (either from a power source or from calculated ZPower), riders are expected to have an accurate weight listed in Zwift.
- If you use a power source (power meter or smart trainer), please calibrate it prior to the event.
- If for some reason your times are unrealistic, the NCC may review your past rides to determine if the time is realistic. If needed, your placement may be adjusted.

- Each week, points will be awarded based on the number of competitors and your overall placing. For example, if there are 19 riders and you have the best time, you will be awarded 19 points, second will get 18 points all the way down to the last rider who will get 1 point).
- At the end of the Zwift series, the rider with the most points will be awarded the NCC Zwift Series title.

Michael T. Bello

Jan 7, 2021, 10:31:57 PMJan 7
to NCC Discussion Group, Michael T. Bello
To see the results from today's Time Trial, please visit the NCC website:
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