Providing reference lists as part of ETD metadata records

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Daryl Grenz - KAUST

Sep 4, 2022, 10:09:23 AM9/4/22
to ETD,
Dear Colleagues, 

We are initiating a project to provide reference lists as part of ETD metadata records. The idea is that reference lists will either be sourced directly from students who will be given the option to provide a bibtex or RIS list exported from their citation management software, or be extracted from the PDFs of past ETDs. These references will then be added as relationships in the metadata for the ETD registered with DataCite and displayed on the repository page for the ETD. In addition to making the references more visible and reusable for external systems and users, the information may also have value for the library to perform collection analysis or other tasks.

Have any of you done anything similar to this? What was your experience? 

If you have any workflows or documentation related to a project of this nature, we would greatly appreciate hearing from you.


Behrooz Rasuli

Sep 4, 2022, 10:29:52 AM9/4/22
to Daryl Grenz - KAUST, ETD,
Dear Daryl,
In Iran, we have a national database for theses and dissertations (TDs). The name of this database is 'Ganj' and submitting TDs for it is mandatory. On the submission form, there are two fields for adding reference lists; one for Persian (or Farsi) references and the other for Latin references. But students have to add their references in plain text. The system does not check the references; therefore the lists might include wrong references too. As much as I know, the users (mostly students) use these lists to find relevant information and complete their literature review.
All the best,

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Behrooz Rasuli
Ph.D. in LIS 
Department of Library & Information Science
Iranian Research Institute for Information Science and Technology
Skype: rasuli99

Edward Fox

Sep 4, 2022, 11:33:54 AM9/4/22
to Behrooz Rasuli, Daryl Grenz - KAUST, ETD,, Hussein Suleman, Jian Wu, Bill Ingram

Many thanks for the post, question, and information sharing!

If you are attending the international conference on ETDs this week, free online as well as being attended in person in Serbia (, please say more about all this.

When I visited Mexico City in 2003, the University of Mexico City demonstrated having student authors separately upload the references.  I am not sure if they continued that, or if other institutions have done likewise.

On Friday, I saw a ProQuest ( demo of searching ETDs wherein they have automatically (algorithmically) extracted references and use that data in a variety of interesting ways.

Bill Ingram, Jian Wu, and I have done some research on algorithmic extraction and parsing of references in ETDs, using various methods. 
That could be an alternative to the manual approach mentioned, and the commercial efforts by ProQuest and others.

Behrooz, I am glad to hear about Ganj and the great progress in Iran.
Can you help make sure it is listed on the page
which Bill Ingram, NDLTD Webmaster, can help with?
Are you familiar with 
which is fed by repositories like Ganj, but I don't think Ganj is yet contributing.
It would help scholars around the world if when they do a global search for ETDs, the many works in Iran could be included.
Hussein Suleman runs the global union catalog
and can help with harvesting from Ganj so the global search can thus expand.
Perhaps you also will find of interest other pages on the recently reworked NDLTD website (also accessible as and
such as

Hoping this helps.
Warm regards, Ed Fox

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