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Welcome to the Winter Carnival list serve.  The purpose of this list is to inform groups involved with Winter Carnival about important events happening each week leading up to and during Winter Carnival.  This is a two way communication, so please let us know if we need to be aware of any events we may have forgotten or any comments you may have.

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Clear to Keep Building Statues Brian Kass 1/18/17
Warm Weather Warning Brian Kass 1/18/17
Extension on Statue Descriptions Deadline Brian Kass 1/16/17
Winter Carnival Updates/Reminders Brian Kass 1/16/17
Vending Safety Meeting TODAY Brian Kass 1/12/17
Pigtails, Water Keys, One(All)-Nighter Statues, and Blue Key Office Hours Brian Kass 1/10/17
Start of Semester Updates Brian Kass 1/7/17
End of Semester Updates Brian Kass 12/21/16
Winter Carnival Updates! Bradley Torni 12/1/16
Deadline to sign up for Queens and Stage Revue is Tomorrow!! Bradley Torni 11/17/16
Open Lottery Forum Tonight 5pm Fisher 138 Reminder Bradley Torni 11/11/16
Winter Carnival 2017! Bradley Torni 11/4/16
Winter Carnival Open Forum Bradley Torni 4/15/16
Winter Carnival 2017 Theme! Bradley Torni 3/24/16
Winter Carnival Open Forum TONIGHT Ashley Schuman 3/16/16
Winter Carnival Survey and Open Forum Ian Greenlund 3/14/16
Winter Carnival 2016 Survey Ian Greenlund 3/2/16
Clean up on-campus statue sites Ashley Schuman 2/23/16
Returning Borrowed Materials Ashley Schuman 2/8/16
Announcements regarding Winter Carnival Ashley Schuman 2/7/16
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