New Module Proposal: DLL Services

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Aaron Klotz

Jul 22, 2021, 1:39:18 PM7/22/21
Hi everybody,

Until now, responsibility for the Windows DLL interceptor and our
Windows dynamic linker instrumentation & blocking has been incorporated
as part of the mozglue module. Given that the code has become much more
complex and with more maintainers, I would like to propose that this
code receives its own distinct module.

This code is currently spread across multiple locations in the tree:
some parts are in mozglue, and others are in toolkit/xre. In conjunction
with the formalization of this module, I would also consolidate this
code into its own self-contained location in the source tree. I'd also
like to create a new corresponding Bugzilla component.

Owner: Aaron Klotz
Peers: Toshihito Kikuchi, David Parks (Interceptor), Molly Howell
Proposed unified source directory: toolkit/xre/dllservices
Proposed Bugzilla Component: Toolkit::DLL Services

Absent any objections, I'll follow through with these changes a week
from today.



Andrew McCreight

Jul 22, 2021, 10:40:44 PM7/22/21
Would the proposed module be part of Core or Toolkit?



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Aaron Klotz

Aug 3, 2021, 12:14:21 PM8/3/21
to, Dave Townsend
(+ mossop)

On 7/22/2021 8:40 PM, Andrew McCreight wrote:

Would the proposed module be part of Core or Toolkit?

That's a good (but surprisingly tricky) question!

Uses of DLL services span many areas across the tree:

* The Launcher Process uses DLL services from within firefox.exe;
* Parts of DLL services code needs to reside in mozglue.dll, so that they are accessible to both firefox.exe and xul.dll, as well as other utility programs (such as minidump-analyzer);
* Some of it is invoked during xre startup and already lives in toolkit/xre.

My gut says that *logically* speaking, DLL services should probably live under Core. But in practice, and in the interests of consolidation, I need to pick a single location and go with it, which would leave us with a weird state where the module is in Core but the code is under toolkit/.

Dave, do you have any concerns / suggestions?

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