Module Updates: New Tab Page, Onboarding, In-product Messaging

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Ed Lee

Jan 22, 2024, 6:28:15 PMJan 22
to, Scott Downe, Punam Dahiya, Amy Churchwell, Dan Mosedale, Shane Hughes, Mike Conley
I'm proposing handing over my ownerships of New Tab Page to Scott
Downe (current peer) and Onboarding to Punam Dahiya (In-product
Messaging owner). This has been enabled by some great work from
mconley and the wider team in cleaning up and splitting out various
parts of browser/components/newtab to their own components.

We're also proposing to move Onboarding into In-product Messaging now
to include these related components: browser's aboutwelcome, asrouter,
uitour and toolkit's messaging-system.

As part of this reorganizing, we'll update the peers.

New Tab Page:
- add Amy Churchwell (Desktop Theme peer)

In-product Messaging:
- add Dan Mosedale (Core: NodeJS… owner)
- add Shane Hughes (aminomancer)
- remove Matthew Noorenberghe (current Onboarding peer)

I see that mots was accidentally initialized with 2 entries for me as
(ed) and (Mardak), so I'll also clean that up to match the intended 1
entry of the last wiki revision [0].

I will proceed with these changes at the end of this week Friday
January 26th if there are no objections. Conditional congrats to the
new owners and peers!

Ed Lee (Mardak) along with Scott Downe and Punam Dahiya

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