Is it possible to select a different download Destination per file type?

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Burkhard Czerwinski

Nov 14, 2022, 5:44:17 PM11/14/22
to 'Kasper, Ryan V. [US-US]' via

Hallo Mike,


we disabled the build in PDF Viewer from the Firefox. And use an external Viewer.

So the pdf files are downloaded and then opend in a pdf Viewer.

Some of our customers want the pdf files downloaded to an different Location such as the temp Folder. So they can emty this Folder at shutdown.


But for now all files downloaded are in on Folder.


Is it possible to select a different Location for the download of pdf files?

I can change the Location, but only for all files, or ask for every single file.

Some users opens lots of pdf files in a day.


Maybe such an Option would be helpfull for other „tempory“ files to. Like the Microsoft remote assistance invetation files for mirroring teminal Server sessions.





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Mike Kaply

Nov 15, 2022, 11:41:18 AM11/15/22
to Burkhard Czerwinski, 'Kasper, Ryan V. [US-US]' via
There is no way to do this for specific files, but you can turn back on the old behavior where everything is in the temp directory and gets cleared at shutdown.


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Paul Kosinski

Nov 15, 2022, 2:19:05 PM11/15/22
Perhaps it would be possible to set up a special target directory which
is "monitored" by a persistent service process. Then each new file,
could be moved (or deleted) as it appears, according to defined rules.

P.S. This directory should not be in "temp", lest it be automatically
deleted (upon shutdown) before it's dealt with.
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