masterpassword requested on one site but there is no entry for this specific site

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Osdoba, Sascha

Sep 23, 2022, 5:47:26 AM9/23/22

tested Firefox versions: 91.13.0 and 102.3.0 ESR

we see a strange problem with one internal website (its called Easybanf (something based on SAP))

If I set a master password but do not add any entry into it and open this website the masterpassword will be requested
(there are no other tabs opened so its really related to this website)

For this site windows SSO is configured (like for a lot of other internal sites also) and it works, website will be loaded in background
even when masterpassword will be still requested, you have to cancel the request ~8 times until its not requesting again

this is happening on every device in every profile we have tested (5 devices and 5 users) so its not a profile problem

this is the only website which is behaving strange with masterpassword set that I know

My intention that it is related to this website is OK, I am not responsible for this site but may someone has seen this behavior before
or has any clue how to debug?



Mike Kaply

Sep 23, 2022, 9:31:49 AM9/23/22
to Osdoba, Sascha,
This definitely sounds like a Firefox bug. Is there any way to access this site externally to test?

Can you open a bugzilla bug for this?


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Osdoba, Sascha

Sep 23, 2022, 9:49:27 AM9/23/22
to Mike Kaply,

Hi Mike,


no its just internally. I opened a bug for it.





Osdoba, Sascha

Oct 6, 2022, 7:35:55 PM10/6/22

quick response because its solved now:


Thanks! That site is asking for a client authentication certificate, so Firefox tries to find all client authentication certificates in your profile. Since you have a password set,
Firefox has to ask for the password in order to look for private keys corresponding to client authentication certificates. Note that you would have to enter your password
anyway to use a client authentication certificate. Essentially, this is expected behavior.“

In my opinion it should be made more clear (but now I know) that the master password request is also needed to access client auth certificates.



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