NSS and MSVS 2022

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Burak Arslan

Jan 4, 2022, 8:25:42 AMJan 4
to dev-tec...@mozilla.org

It's not possible to build NSS with GYP using MSVC 17 (Visual Studio
2022) because the required definitions are missing from MSVSVersion.py.

I forked and patched GYP so now it seems to work.

Fork is here: https://github.com/plq/gyp/

I added some patches from other forks that looked nice but actually only
this[1] patch is required, the rest is optional.

This is part of the work that tries to add NSS and NSPR ports to vcpkg:

Best regards


Benjamin Beurdouche

Jan 4, 2022, 8:32:34 AMJan 4
to Burak Arslan, dev-tec...@mozilla.org
Hi Burak,

Thanks for looking into this! If I am correct there is a gyp fork
maintained by Node.js and called gyp-next.

We have been contemplating moving NSS to use gyp-next but haven’t got
to try yet. Any chance you could have a look and see if building NSS
with gyp-next using MSVC 17 would work? (I don’t have that version of MSVC yet.)

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Burak Arslan

Jan 4, 2022, 10:16:14 AMJan 4
to Benjamin Beurdouche, dev-tec...@mozilla.org
Hello Benjamin,

If you have ~100gb to burn, the ms dev env is quite accessible (in ms
standards) nowadays:

I've seen gyp-next but it was quite easy to get the vanilla version to
work so didn't really look into it.

If I were you, I'd just pay some consultant to migrate to CMake and be
done with it. Maybe it could be done in a semi-automated fashion using
the following route:



After all, it only needs to work once.

Best regards,
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