Intent to ship: CSS `text-wrap: balance`

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Jonathan Kew

Oct 22, 2023, 3:07:02 PM10/22/23
As of Firefox 121, I intend to turn the CSS `text-wrap: balance`
property value on by default.

This was developed behind the layout.css.text-wrap-balance.enabled
preference in

Status in other browsers is:
Chrome - supported since v114
Safari - currently behind a flag in Safari Tech Preview

Bug to turn on by default:


(The CSS properties relating to line wrapping are currently in flux, but
the specific value `text-wrap: balance` is already shipping in Chrome
and there is significant interest from authors. In due course we'll
restructure the `text-wrap`[1] and `white-space`[2] properties to
conform to the revised specification, but `text-wrap: balance` will
continue to work under the updated model.)

This feature was previously discussed in this "Intent to prototype" thread:

- JK

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