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Joel Maher

Jul 25, 2022, 3:33:58 PMJul 25
searchfox does a lot of great things.  A couple of years ago we removed some functionality to integrate test failure data into the related information when viewing a test case, since then we have only have `skip-if` type data from a test manifest:

Recently we updated the `test-info` jobs that run on mozilla-central ( ).  These produce artifacts that include historical failure data mapped to each test (see ).  That data is ingested into searchfox ( - thanks :asuth), providing more useful data when viewing a test case:

The CI Automation and Tools team is planning on more work in H2 to improve visibility and accuracy of test run data.

Feel free to reach out to myself (:jmaher) or chat on Matrix (#firefox-ci) about test data that you wish you had, or integration points (like searchfox, bugzilla, treeherder, etc.) that you would like to see.

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