[1539075] JpegXL Abandoned or continue?

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Nov 3, 2022, 10:23:29 AM11/3/22
to dev-pl...@mozilla.org

Google decided to abandon JpegXL. After all the work done over the years for an image format innovation which brings a huge upgrade from the current triplet and a large update from google's webp, Google is dropping it in chromium with nonsense reason.

What will Mozilla do? Will Firefox have full support for JpegXL? Will you just follow Google? If you follow google, will you give actual realistic reasons as for WHY JpegXL is dropped?

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Dec 20, 2022, 3:23:13 PM12/20/22
to dev-pl...@mozilla.org, brunoais
+1 Would also like to know if there is any update on this 
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