Intent to prototype and ship: WebAssembly extended constant expressions

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Ryan Hunt

Mar 3, 2023, 10:28:57 AM3/3/23
We intend to turn WebAssembly extended constant expressions on by default around March 6th.

Adds basic arithmetic instructions in the initializers of globals and data segments, instead of just constant instructions. This is useful for performing dynamic linking of wasm modules.

Bug: Bug 1706124
Bug to turn on by default: Bug 1814421

Standards Body: WebAssembly Community Group
Platform coverage: All platforms
Preference: javascript.options.wasm_extended_const
Other browsers:
    Blink: They have an implementation behind a flag, no public signals on shipping.
    WebKit: No public signals.
web-platform-tests: None that I know of. We test this with our own JS tests, and also import WebAssembly specification tests for the feature.
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