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Daniel Baker

May 11, 2023, 2:20:49 PM5/11/23

In the next couple days (pending reviews) I intend to land patches to enable jitterBufferTarget for all platforms for use with Firefox 115 Nightly. 

Summary: The jitterBufferTarget attribute allows the application to specify a target in milliseconds of media for the jitter buffer to hold. Altering the target value allows applications to control the tradeoff between playout delay and the risk of running out of audio or video frames due to network jitter.

Bug for Feature:


Platform Coverage: Available on all platforms.

Preference: This WebRTC API will be available by default and service providers who wish to take advantage may do so.

Other Browsers: No other browser has implemented jitterBufferTarget.

Web-platform-tests: WPT tests exist from the implementation of playoutDelayHint with my changes these will be updated to match jitterBufferTarget.
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