Necko Newsletter (2021-09-27)

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Valentin Gosu

Sep 27, 2021, 8:47:34 AM9/27/21
to dev-platform

This is the first Necko newsletter.


Valentin Gosu is now the module owner of libjar. Many thanks to Aaron Klotz for the great work maintaining this module in recent years. Kershaw Chang is now a peer of libjar.

Manuel Bucher has recently joined the team as a student worker based in Germany.

Dragana refactored how necko drives TLS handshakes and improved the CPU usage during 0RTT

Friends of the Necko team

Glenn Strauss submitted a patch a while ago adding support for SHA-256 Digest authentication. Because the code touched by the patch was quite old this caused us to do a refactoring of the authentication code to bring it closer to the Mozilla coding guidelines and add better tests.

Ping Chen (:rnons) fixed Bug 1717185 - TCPSocket.send incorrectly returns true because mBufferedAmount is not updated in time

Project Updates


  • Socket process

    • Dana is working on bug 1712837 to make OS client certificates work with the socket process.

    • Kershaw made websocket work with the socket process. See bug 1716566

  • DNS over HTTPS

    • DoH shipped in Canada in Firefox 92

    • Manuel is adding support for DNS padding to mitigate traffic analysis

Nihanth is making our TRR implementation (Trusted-Recursive-Resolver) fall back to unencrypted DNS less often
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