Intent to ship: URL Query String Stripping (ETP Strict and Private Browsing Mode)

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Paul Zühlcke

Jun 2, 2022, 1:30:42 PMJun 2

As of Firefox 102 I intend to turn URL Query String Stripping on by default on Firefox Desktop in ETP strict mode and Private Browsing Mode. This tracking protection feature, which strips known tracking query parameters from URLs for navigations and redirects, has been enabled in Firefox Nightly since Firefox 96. You can read more about the feature in the intent to prototype.

Here is the initial list of query parameters which will be stripped in accordance with our anti-tracking policy:

  • mc_eid

  • oly_anon_id

  • oly_enc_id

  • __s

  • vero_id

  • _hsenc

  • mkt_tok

  • fbclid

Bug to turn on by default: Bug 1763660 - Add prefs to enable query parameter stripping in ETP strict and Private Browsing Mode

Standard: None

Paul Zühlcke

Jun 21, 2022, 5:51:06 AMJun 21
Update: We're enabling the feature in 102 for ETP "strict" mode and in 103 by default for private browsing.
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