Reminder Functionality in Bugzilla (via Autonag Bot)

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Tom Ritter

Jul 12, 2022, 10:15:17 AMJul 12
to Mozilla
We recently landed support for reminders in Bugzilla via whiteboard tags and the autonag bot.  If you add a whiteboard tag of the form [reminder-TYPE YYYY-MM-DD] (e.g., [reminder-test 2022-07-13]), then on that date the tag will be removed and the bug assignee will get a needinfo referencing the comment where the tag was added.

The primary purpose we built this for was for reminding people to land sec-approved tests at a later date, which is what the reminder-test tag is for. You can also set reminder-pref to remind you to flip a pref or consider removing it at a future date. Finally reminder-disclosure can be used to remind us of a pending vulnerability disclosure (for instance at a conference some date in the future).  

If you have another use case, you can submit a pull request to add it here. Thanks a ton to Marco and Suhaib for their help in developing/deploying this.


Nibbles: If the bot doesn’t run on the exact date, it will do it when it next runs.  If there is no bug assignee, the triage owner gets a NI. Only users with ‘editbugs’ or ‘canconfirm’ can set reminders.
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