Intent to ship: CSS contain-intrinsic-size and longhands

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Oriol Brufau

Sep 29, 2022, 4:45:54 PM9/29/22

As of Firefox 107 I intend to turn contain-intrinsic-size and longhands on by default by default. It has been developed behind the 'layout.css.contain-intrinsic-size.enabled' preference.

More precisely, this will enable the 'contain-intrinsic-size' shorthand, the 'contain-intrinsic-width' and 'contain-intrinsic-height' longhands, and their logical equivalents 'contain-intrinsic-block-size' and 'contain-intrinsic-inline-size'.

Note the full grammar will be enabled, but 'auto' values only have observable effects when paired with the 'content-visibility' property, which is still being developed behind 'layout.css.content-visibility.enabled'.

Elevator pitch:

Platform coverage: all.

Status in other browsers:

 - Blink: shipped the shorthand in version 83 (, the longhands in 95 (, and 'auto' values in 98 (

 - WebKit: under development (

Meta bug:

Bug to turn on by default:

Standard: It's a working draft, but it has been approved by CSSWG resolution ( and passed TAG review (

Standards Body: W3C CSSWG.

Mozilla's standards position: positive (


This feature wasn't previously discussed in an "Intent to prototype" thread.

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