Intent to remove: _raw.log artifacts from test tasks March 31, 2023

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Joel Maher

Mar 10, 2023, 11:11:29 AM3/10/23
Some discussions in various channels have prompted a question about why do we have *_raw.log artifacts.  These are for the most part duplicates of the live_backlog.log but parsed up into a .json format.  It is a lot of space and there is no way to know if there is a consumer of these files.

In the past we used this for ActiveData, as it stands I am not aware of anything that uses these.  I would like to remove support for these and stop generating them.

Please reply to this thread if you are using these and for what purpose (so we could document this).

Andrew Sutherland

Mar 10, 2023, 12:07:33 PM3/10/23
On 3/10/23 11:11 AM, Joel Maher wrote:
> Please reply to this thread if you are using these and for what
> purpose (so we could document this).

I've used the logs in the past to deal with misleading timestamps for
the "buffered messages" that the mochitest test frameworks output which
makes the log output very misleading.  I filed on that. This use
case probably doesn't justify keeping the JSON structured logs around,


Randell Jesup

Mar 10, 2023, 3:05:58 PM3/10/23
Mozilla intends to turn on WebTransport support by default around March 14th, 2023

Support for the W3C standards-track WebTransport specification, including Datagrams.   This allows more options for direct performant data exchange between a browser and servers than WebSockets with multiple streams on a single HTTP3 connection, as well as support for unreliable datagrams and other features.

Bug:  Bug 1709355
Bug to turn on by default: Bug 1818754

Standards Body: WebTransport Working Group
Platform coverage: All platforms
Preference: network.webtransport.enabled, network.webtransport.datagrams.enabled
Other browsers:
    Blink: Shipping since Chrome 97
    WebKit: No public signals.   People from Apple have been active in the spec discussions.

Tom Ritter

Mar 10, 2023, 3:09:52 PM3/10/23
to Randell Jesup,
This is kind of a general question about HTTP/3, but what is the
browser behavior when you have different types of proxies set that
don't support UDP?

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Kershaw Jang

Mar 13, 2023, 4:05:30 AM3/13/23
to Tom Ritter, Randell Jesup,
Please see the code here,  we do not use HTTP/3 for any type of proxy currently.


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