Intent to unship: `contentReadOnly` and `insertBROnReturn` editing commands in early beta builds

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Masayuki Nakano

Aug 4, 2022, 10:11:10 PM (11 days ago) Aug 4

Disable `contentReadOnly` and `insertBROnReturn` commands in early beta builds to collect bugs reports from wider testers.


Background: These commands are used with `Document.execCommand`, `Document.queryCommandEnabled`, `Document.queryCommandIndeterm`, `Document.queryCommandSupported` and `Document.queryCommandValue`, but they are Gecko specific commands. They have already been disabled in the Nightly channel since 96 (about 10 months ago), but we don't have any bug reports of breading the web apps in the wild. However, telemetry in the beta channel tells us that these commands are still used in the wild (the number of ping over 1k per day). If these commands are used only for finger printing, we can delete them, but if these commands are used for feature detection, we need to keep supporting them at least returning `true` or something.  For getting regression reports wider than only our Nightly users, I'd like to disable them in the early beta builds too.

Masayuki Nakano <>
Working on DOM, Events, editor and IME handling for Gecko
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