Searchfox Update: Searchfox now indexes webkit (as wubkat), mozilla-esr102, and comm-esr102 on a daily basis

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Andrew Sutherland

Jun 27, 2022, 12:23:11 AMJun 27
to tells us that
esr102 has arrived and so indexes have been added to searchfox at and

For those of you who need to consult other browser implementations for
edge-cases, etc. the experimental webkit index at has been upgraded to daily indexing
runs and has many of the semantic C++ super-powers searchfox provides
for mozilla-central. For example,
is an experimental demonstration of a way you might find the call tree
mentioned in an article :mccr8 pointed out in #DOM at

For those who might wonder about the webkit repository's name not being
"webkit", this is an attempt to head off any confusion about the level
of support that is provided for this index.  Searchfox is always looking
for more contributors/maintainers and with your help we can reduce the
number of typos!


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