Intent to Prototype: Storage Access API, Always Partition Storage

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Benjamin VanderSloot

May 5, 2022, 1:15:21 PMMay 5

As of 9 May 2022, I intend to ship a feature that causes Storage to be partitioned, even when the Storage Access API is used. This proposed behavior is currently implemented and used by Safari and Blink. Chrome does not support storage partitioning, so this behavior is not defined.

Tracking Bug: Bug 1758737 - [meta] Always Partition Storage

Initially the Storage Access API was designed as an authenticated backdoor to allow unpartitioning different types of storage that are being partitioned, e.g. to prevent cross-site tracking. The scope of effect of the Storage Access API was not precisely defined and it is an open issue in the draft specification if it should apply to Storage and Cookies or just Cookies: . We would like to prototype the change that would bring us in line with the other implementations of the Storage Access API. This has no change in user privacy impact and has minor risk for breakage in an experimental API.

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