Intent to prototype & ship: CSS font-palette property and @font-palette-values rule

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Jonathan Kew

Oct 7, 2022, 6:41:13 AM10/7/22
Color fonts (such as emoji, icons, or decorative alphabets) may include
multiple color palettes, e.g. with colors specifically chosen to work
well on a light or a dark background. The CSS font-palette property
allows an author to select which palette should be used.

The @font-palette-values rule allows an author to customize the color
palette, so that (for example) a collection of decorative initial
letters could be modified to adopt the colors of a site's theme.



Standards Body:
* W3C CSS working group

Platform coverage: All

Preference: layout.css.font-palette.enabled

DevTools bug: n/a

Other browsers:
* Supported in both WebKit and Blink.


The implementation is landing in Nightly this week, and then I propose
to enable the pref by default in the 107 cycle, so that these color-font
authoring features will ship at the same time as support for the new
COLRv1 enhanced color font format (see

Bug to turn on by default:

- Jonathan
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