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Aug 19, 2021, 12:07:54 AM8/19/21
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A new stable release of Meshery is available

Announcing Meshery v0.5.48

Feature Highlights

 Connection Wizard

One of Meshery’s core value propositions is quick time-to-value. “Value” in Meshery’s case coming in the broad form of cloud native infrastructure and application management. The need for Meshery to integrate and interoperate with many systems is driven by the variety of cloud native and non-cloud native infrastructure - it’s a vast landscape. Consequently, both easing the act by which users stand up Meshery, get it connected to their existing systems, and start managing service meshes is of much importance. Hence, the need for an idempotent, multi-step, Meshery configurator: Connection Wizard

Four steps to service mesh management.

MeshMap Enters Alpha

As an extensible platform, Meshery has many extension points. MeshMap is a prominent example of an extension point plugin. 
MeshMap has two modes: Designer and Visualizer. A sneak peek of the Designer mode is shown.

Visualizer Mode

- Examine a visual topology of Kubernetes cluster and its services.
- View and search streams of your pod container logs.
- Connect an interactive terminal to instances of your containers.

 Designer Mode

- Design a service mesh deployment with application and Envoy filter from scratch (Istio only).
- Customize a service mesh deployment with application and Envoy filter from pattern (Istio only).

Design Principles

 Provide intuitive user experiences.
It's all about context. Interacting visually with your service mesh, your MeshMap has all the context it needs to deliver one-click actions with sensible defaults, consist user interaction paradigms and hidden features that delight.

 Simplify the complexity of workload and service mesh management.
MeshMap delivers an intuitive user experience, but is as deceivingly simple as it is powerful. Achieved through instinctive layouts and predefined views that accommodate your common mesh management tasks.

 Offer seamless integration with Meshery.
Even though a plugin, MeshMap is a first-class component of Meshery, slipstreamed through Meshery Cloud.

Would you like to participate in the MeshMap Alpha? Let us know.

v0.5.48 Release Notes





Thank you to our contributors for making this release possible:
Upgrade your Meshery Deployment
$ mesheryctl system update 
See the upgrade guide for help

Working with Meshery

 Understand Meshery's Internals
Meshery and its components are written using the following languages and technologies.
Components Languages and Technologies
Meshery Server Golang, gRPC, GraphQL, SMP
Meshery Adapters Golang, gRPC, CloudEventsSMIOAM
Meshery WASM Filters Rust and C++
Meshery UI ReactJS, NextJS, BillboardJS
Meshery Provider UI ReactJS, NextJS, Material UI
Meshery Remote Providers any - must adhere to Meshery Extension Points
Meshery Operator Golang, Operator SDK
     MeshSync Golang
     Broker Golang, NATS
Meshery Database Golang, SQLlite

 Contribute to Meshery
Meshery has a complete set of contributing guides available along with design and code conventions:
As always, if you find information missing in the documentation and in these contributing guides, help improve the experience for all contributors by curating these instructions. Simply follow the contributing guide for Meshery Docs.
Copyright © 2021 Meshery Authors, All rights reserved.

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