seeking advice for integrating carrying harness into body armour

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Leonie Gaertner

Feb 4, 2021, 9:37:58 AM2/4/21
Hello out there,

Many thanks for your advice on how to approach creating a template for chest
armour. It worked out well enough.
I do however have more questions. This power armour cosplay is supposed to be
worn for at least a few hours if not for a full day at cons. It want to
integrate batteries and other stuff into some kind of backpack. So this is
going to be come heavy.
I am thinking of managing that weight by utilising a carrying frame from an
old backpack or something like that and integrate it into the body armour, so
most of the weight is actually carried by a well padded hip belt rather than
the spine.
Has anyone experience or ideas on how to either integrate a backpack harness
or adding a padded hip belt 'invisibly' into chest/body armour?


Jamie Powell

Feb 4, 2021, 10:31:03 AM2/4/21
to Leonie Gaertner,
I know how heavy backpacks can get!

I often use old army metal frames for backpacks to help spread the load but a hidden hip belt may be an issue depending on where the armour sits.

You may find movement rubs etc and may cause damage.

Does it need one central supply?
I've found several smaller batteries throughout a piece can work really well at splitting the weight and making things way more manageable :)


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Leonie Gartner

Apr 5, 2021, 1:47:00 PM4/5/21
to Propmakers Club,,, Leonie Gartner
Hi Jamie,

Many thanks for your reply. It's been a while and I have gotten a bit further since then. I am now using a design very similar to the Vertepac XTR. While searching for easy to operate buckles I came across a company which also sells a lightweight carbon fibre infused nylon frame which I can easily alter into the form I want and convert to my needs.
In regards to your question, yes, of course I considered spreading the batteries across the body and make them easily exchangeable. I'm also fully aware of the issues and risks, so each compartment will allow quick disconnect and dumping. I've seen electronics doing 'impressive' stuff, so safety comes first!

However I do have another question. I'm experimenting on getting a really high gloss shine of my foam parts. So far I'm experimenting with flexipaint and home made mod podge. That gives me a shiny surface, but not really that highly polished shine of plastic / car paint. What can I do to get a really high shiny gel like gloss that is still somewhat flexible?

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