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Jenny Molloy

Sep 17, 2022, 11:25:32 AM9/17/22
Hi All

The outreach breakout group (Jonathan, Claire and I) met at the last labs planning meeting to discuss having outreach activities in the classroom and a calendar of events that would:
  1. Introduce members of Makespace to biology and some of the other labs-related technologies
  2. Provide STEM activities for families
  3. Keep people engaged, learning and participating even in the absence of a lab space.
You can see more notes from our discussion in the labs planning meetings doc.

We subsequently drafted an outreach calendar and completed the following actions:
  1. Find someone to document the activities that we currently have at Biomakespace: low-cost microfluidics, spectrophotometry and EMGs - DONE in progress with Scarlet who has all previous materials and the kits and will make activity instructions. These will be: 
    1. DIY spectrophotometry,
    2. DIY electrophysiology
    3. Paper-based microfluidics
  2. Follow up with Camillo to find a time for the talks - DONE, times decided, hosts located, event placeholder on Meetup and team introduced to finalise and deliver the talk series. 
  3. Follow up with Roger Mason about electrophys workshop - DONE, agreed to host workshop in early 2023, awaiting date to be finalised
  4. Share outreach calendar with the labs group - DONE
  5. Ask biology club list if anyone would be interested to run a PCR workshop - DONE, awaiting response.
If anyone would like to suggest other events - especially workshops you yourself could offer - please mention on this thread or join the outreach breakout at the next labs planning meeting.

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