Microscope scrapheap challenge report: nearly a microscope!

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Jenny Molloy

Sep 28, 2021, 4:00:38 AMSep 28
to Biology Club
Hi All

TL:DR: we had a great time at Makespace and nearly have a microscope and it was great to see a few faces in person at the first Biology Club with the option! We plan to be back for Part II soon so watch this space...

Thanks to those who came along to Makespace and joined virtually for the Microscope Scrapheap Challenge last night.

We found some very cool kit, like an Apogee U8300 cooled CCD camera that is useful for low-noise scientific imaging. Thanks to the crack team of Zoom researchers for pulling up spec sheets, prices and images so we could figure out what was worth saving! 

We also mostly constructed a full Leica DM LM microscope and a motorised stage that we think go together but there are a few missing parts. 

Making a start.....
It works!

We found some things that are less useful for building a microscope for the Biomakespace (older CCD cameras, manual mechanical stages, joysticks), they will be in the Trove at Makespace for one week until 5 Oct, if not taken or claimed by then we will dispose of them.


Tony Naggs

Sep 28, 2021, 1:28:03 PMSep 28
to Jenny Molloy, Biology Club
I also grabbed a 2005 vintage, Nikon fit aspherical SLR lens, Sigma f3.5 24-70mm zoom for the Biomakespace Nikon DSLR. (The D3200 sensor is ~70% of 35mm film frame, so effective focal length is 17-50mm.)  Hopefully useful for photographing stuff in the lab, otherwise it is near mint condition with box, & could probably be sold for a few quid.

- Tony

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Richard Hopper

Sep 28, 2021, 3:34:43 PMSep 28
to tony...@gmail.com, Jenny Molloy, Biology Club
It was good to see everyone. 

I have asked Leica about obtaining a stage for the microscope. Here is a description of the microscope:

Looks like there might be a suitable stage on ebay, although I want to confirm the part is correct. Hopefully, Leica can provide the part number. 

The objective lenses we found are all expensive Leica ones, so definitely a good find. 


Bruno Santos

Sep 29, 2021, 5:28:14 AMSep 29
to Biology Club, tony...@gmail.com, Biology Club, jenny.mo...@gmail.com
Hi Tony,

Just a quick correction. The effective focal length for the Nikon crop sensor will actually be 36-105 as you need to multiple your original focal length by 1.53 as you are essentially zooming out a small area of the full frame image. In any case it is a great find 


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