Biodesign Challenge and the Google Hardware Design Studio issue call for projects in the first-ever Biodesign Sprint

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Jenny Molloy

Sep 9, 2021, 4:06:57 AMSep 9
to Biology Club
Might be of interest to Makespace members!

Biodesign Challenge and the Google Hardware Design Studio issue call for projects that prioritize sustainability in the first-ever Biodesign Sprint. Registration is currently open and Google and BDC are recruiting teams from across the world.

From the website:

In the 21st century, people are coming to realize that no product exists as an island. Each has an origin of how it came to be and a future where it is heading. Everything we create is part of a complicated ecosystem that binds our designed objects to the natural world. 

Because design and technology inexorably interact with life, and because we are facing a period where biology is driving massive change, from the environmental crisis to the pandemic to breakthroughs in biotech, we need creators who bridge disciplines and reach across cultures to face the challenges of our age.

The Biodesign Sprint is the brainchild of Biodesign Challenge. For the past six years, BDC has partnered students with professional artists, designers, and scientists to explore new uses for biotechnology. Teams create projects that help us reconsider humanity’s role among other species and explore how to harmonize with the natural world.

For the first-ever Biodesign Sprint, BDC has worked with Google to create design prompts that call for actionable ideas that can be turned into commercial realities. We invite students, scientists, engineers, artists, designers, hobbyists—everyone—to come together and show off your brightest concepts and visions. This is not just an opportunity for you to meet the team at Google, it’s also an opportunity for Google to meet creators like you.

Join us, and help shape a more sustainable future.
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