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Peggy Johnson

Feb 19, 2021, 8:15:27 AMFeb 19
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Note that one of the presenters is SFR grad student Weijing Sun !

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NSFA Executive Committee and Graduate Coordinators,

I am pleased to send you the schedule for this year's college Graduate Research Awards presentations (attached and pasted below). Please share and encourage people to attend. The Zoom link for all presentations is

Zoom Meeting #88325217273, Password 373555


Graduate Student Research Awards Competition

Wednesday, February 24th and Monday, March 1st via Zoom

Presenting Feb. 24th
10:00 "Energetic impacts of passage delays in migrating adult Atlantic salmon" -Sarah Rubenstein, Department of Wildlife, Fisheries & Conservation Biology

Presenting March 1st
10:00 "Deciphering the perpetual fight between virus and host: Utilizing bioinformatics to elucidate the host's genetic mechanisms that influence JC polyomvirus infection"
 -Michael Wilczek, Molecular & Biomedical Sciences

10:20 "Modification of CNF to develop hydrophobic and anti-oxidant food packaging film" 
-Suriyaprakaash Lakshmibalasubramaniam, School of Food & Agriculture

10:40 "Characterization of Dickeya dianthicola and Pectobacterium parmentieri causing blackleg and soft rot on potato" -Tongling Ge, School of Food & Agriculture

11:00   10 Minute Break

11:10 "Range margins, Species interactions, and Climate Change" -Isaac Shepard, School of Biology & Ecology

11:30 "Consequences of intraspecific behavioral variation on habitat use, seed dispersal effectiveness and demography in a small mammal community" -Allison Brehm, Department of Wildlife, Fisheries & Conservation Biology

11:50 "Understanding the adhesion mechanism in mycelium-assisted wood bonding" -Weijing Sun, School of Forest Resources

12:10.  10 Minute Break

12:20 "Extended assessment of fish assemblages in the Penobscot River following large scale habitat restoration efforts" -Kory Whittum, Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, & Conservation Biology 

12:40 "Anthropogenic impact to essential habitats of the Gulf of Maine: A case study of the American lobster, Homarus americanus, and its fishery" -Andrew Goode, School of Marine Sciences

1:00 "Mental Health Services Underutilization: A study in a critical time of need" -Melissa MacPhee, School of Social Work


Christopher Gerbi

Associate Dean for Research

Associate Director, Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station

College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture

5782 Winslow Hall

Professor, School of Earth and Climate Sciences

5790 Bryand Global Sciences Center

University of Maine, Orono, ME, 04469 USA

Tel +1 207-581-2153

FAX +1 207-581-2202

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