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Christoph Damm

Sep 29, 2022, 6:42:14 AMSep 29
to Magnolia User Mailing List
Hello again,

I am looking for direction for the following use case:
Within a product app a user wants to select a folder from within the DAM containing images.
Over the delivery API I want to pass all off those asset links to my frontend in order to render those. So basically instead of having a multi field where user has to add specifically all images he wants to just select a folder and all assets of this folder should be rendered.

I'm struggling to get those references resolved though via the delivery API.
Image folder would be as such:

- name: imagesFolderReference
  propertyName: imagesFolder
    targetWorkspace: dam

However, how would I be able to resolve the asset references within those references? (as those are returned as nodes only of course)
Can the assetresolver somehow be "chained" to it? Or can/would I have to write an own resolver for that?

Thanks for ideas or pointing me into the right direction!



Mikaël Geljić

Sep 29, 2022, 11:25:46 AMSep 29
to Magnolia User-List
Hi Christoph,

This can likely be done with a custom ReferenceResolver implementation.

Similar to the JcrReferenceResolver, you would:
* inject the magnolia Context (Provider<Context>) to get a JCR dam session from,
* inject the AssetProviderRegistry to create an AssetReferenceResolver programmatically
* iterate over the folder's nodes and delegate to this resolver instance?

Hope that makes sense 🤞

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