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Welcome to the e-mail list for all student organization leaders, members, and advisors.  This email list can be used by anyone on campus to increase communication between organizations.  If you would like to make a post you can either click on "New Topic" or send an email directly to Please encourage members of your student organization to become members of this group as well.

We are using google groups to do this as it is simple, has many useful features, and could be replicated within your own student organization. If you would like to learn about all the functions of Google Groups, please visit the Google Groups Learning Center -  

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Volunteers Needed for Oneota Film Festival Daniel John Bellrichard 1/15/13
Monthly Press Release 11/29/12
Volunteer Opportunity Daniel John Bellrichard 11/7/12
Student Organization Suite (SOS) update Daniel John Bellrichard 10/8/12
Campus Energy Competition FYI Daniel John Bellrichard 2/21/13
Launching Luther Leaders Looking for New Members Daniel John Bellrichard 1/15/13
Service Opportunity in Marketing Daniel John Bellrichard 11/5/12
Service / Fundraising Opportunity Daniel John Bellrichard 11/2/12
Fundraiser for Families in Afghanistan Karissa Crouse 10/25/12
SOS Improvement Ideas Daniel John Bellrichard 10/23/12
Voting Information David Vásquez 10/11/12
Re: Co-ordinating a goods drive for Karissa Crouse as a pilot inter-organizational project 10/10/12
Raising money for Afghanistan Elliott Drake 10/8/12