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Secretary LNC

Jun 22, 2022, 3:19:08 PMJun 22
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Express Abstentions

Under RONR, in a meeting, there is no call for abstentions since, by definition, to abstain, is to not vote (4:35).  Things work differently in email ballots (similar to roll call votes).  You can, of course, choose to not post anything at all, and you will be recorded as “not voting.”  However, an express abstention on an email ballot serves an additional function other than indicating that you do not wish to vote.  Specifically, for a regional representative, it is an indication that you have a definite preference that no vote be registered for your region, so by expressly abstaining, you preclude your alternate’s vote, if any, shall not be counted.  Also, you can help the email ballot end early by expressly abstaining since the time frame for ballots is seven days or until everyone has voted or expressly abstained, whichever comes first.

In Liberty, Caryn Ann Harlos
LNC Secretary and LP Historical Preservation Committee Chair ~ 561.523.2250
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