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Sep 5, 2023, 12:57:03 AMSep 5
to Bylaws Committee 2024
The following are the motions about the structure of the LNC, about which it has been proposed (and I support) being taken up last by this committee.

W, X, X-2, X-3, Y-2a, Y-2b

Most of Y isn't about LNC structure, but there is one part of it that takes out alternates.  If proposal Y keeps its current structure I think we should take it up as part of the last business.  If 2a and 2b can be made into their own proposals somehow, then the rest of Y could be taken up without having to think about W and X with it.

Incidentally, Y is kind of complex.  Regardless of whether we want to take it up last, is there a way to structure it differently or make it into four separate proposals?  I don't really see how, given that the first part of it combines 2 different sections, but it would be nice if it could be simplified.
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