Nominating Speech thread for election of Committee Chair and Secretary

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Secretary LNC

Dec 4, 2022, 1:06:33 AM12/4/22
I will repost as an opening what I posted in the thread closing nominations:

The nominations are:
Caryn Ann Harlos
Ken Moellman

Sylvia Arrowwood

The next procedure is that I am opening a thread for "nomination speeches" where the candidates can give a written pitch.  This will be open for three days until Dec 7.  On Dec 8 I will be sending out OpaVote ballots to the committee full members for both positions.  Since NOTA is always an option even though Sylvia is unopposed, there will be a ballot for Secretary.  The ballots will be open for seven days or until everyone has voted.  I would encourage everyone to vote right away so that the committee direction can be set and discussion can proceed about meetings, but it is your right to wait until the last minute if you choose and you owe no explanation for that choice.  However, I am sure everyone would appreciate quick votes.

I am opening up the speeches thread now.  Other people can speak on behalf of nominees (you don't need their permission) but it is not required.  It would be against the rules to speak "against" a candidate.  That would have required a prior motion to "open the nominations to debate."  Nominees are not required to post a speech, but this is their opportunity.

In Liberty, Caryn Ann Harlos
LNC Secretary and LP Historical Preservation Committee Chair ~ 561.523.2250

Tom Rowlette

Dec 4, 2022, 12:06:38 PM12/4/22
Before you guys get started, I'd like to say that I think both of you would do a great job at being committee chair.  The main things I'd like to know is how much spare time you'd have to do the job, and how much doing the job would get in the way of the rest of your life.

-Tom Rowlette

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Ken Moellman

Dec 4, 2022, 3:06:34 PM12/4/22
to, Secretary LNC


I have created a video "stump speech", though it's not very "stumpy" and not very "speechy" either.  In any case, here's the link: .  Also if you want to see my full "LP Resume" it is at 

One important note I never tied the bow on, in the video: Each of these prior presiding roles had meetings monthly, or more often. 

I saw the question about availability, while trying to fight YouTube's closed captions.  I am likely going to be pretty busy through March of this year.  I'm working on the RE Migration at National right now, and trying to wrap that up in December.  We have Christmas and New Years at the end of December. I have LPKY Rules Committee report due Jan 3rd. I have LPKY state convention in February. I have a lot of work stuff starting in December through March.  After wrapping up those commitments, however, things should be pretty slow for me for the remaining 14 months of the term. I have no intent or desire to pick up additional roles at National, and I'm trying to train LPKYers so they can take on more and more of the party back-end operations (we have some great people here!).

I suspect this timeline will be fine, logisitically, as the beginning of the term is likely to focus on what issues we want to tackle on this version of the committee, and for each proposal who wants to take lead on drafting the first version for the committee to discuss, debate, amend, etc.  With our longer-than-previous timeline, I am hopeful that this committee is very productive and has time to get feedback from membership at large (especially convention delegates, since they're the ones who get to decide whether or not to pass the proposals) to help ensure the maximization of time on the convention floor.

Thank you,

Ken Moellman

Ken C. Moellman, Jr.
Executive Director
Libertarian Party of Kentucky

Secretary LNC

Dec 4, 2022, 3:10:27 PM12/4/22
to Ken Moellman,
Great minds think alike.  I was intending on doing a video as well albeit in a different formula.  I will likely have that up tomorrow.  In Dulles airport atm.

Secretary LNC

Dec 6, 2022, 12:02:59 AM12/6/22
to Ken Moellman,

Hi everyone, I thank you so much for your consideration.  Like Mr. Moellman, I too have done a video.  Whether it is “stumpy” or “speechy,” I leave it to you to decide;). What I did slightly different is that I expanded a bit more on points here in this email in the same order to try to keep it from being too large of a wall of text.  You can view the video here:

 Party background

 I have a very extensive Party background in numerous roles in both county, state, national, and various committees.   You can view my Party resume here:

 Parliamentary Qualifications 

 I am a Registered Parliamentarian who has donated hours of parliamentary services assisting Libertarians.  This qualification is obviously relevant to being on the Committee, but it is particularly suited to being a Committee Chair.  The Committee operates under the Party rules which require us to use RONR which recognizes that consensus cannot always be reached.  Consensus building is ABSOLUTELY the ideal in nearly every situation in life and is always my goal, but preparation for the fact this may not happen and how to deal with that productively is very important, and that is what RONR facilitates by protecting the rights of the individual, the majority, and the significant minority.  The key is fairness and knowing how to navigate contentious issues and to advise those who do not agree with the majority of their rights.  Committees are also very different in significant ways in how they operate from many boards, and it is important to know those distinctions.  One really good example is mastery or, and ability to preside through, complicated motions to substitute.  Those are one of the most common motions effectively used on committees.   I have navigated these water multiple times.  And though unfortunately these proposals were not heard, I worked very hard with Chuck Moulton on the last Bylaws Committee to come up with proposals that were more likely to pass the convention floor (my opinion) than the majority report of the Committee (yes I know RONR says don't use that term, but our bylaws use that term).

 Past Committee Chair Involvement

 I was the immediately past Platform Committee Chair for three terms.  I would not have done it for a third term but, similar to the past Bylaws Committee in Reno, our report was not heard at all in 2020, and I felt I owed it to that Committee to make sure their proposals were at least considered by the new Committee, and they were, so I do feel I absolutely did right by that Committee.  I would invite any of you to speak to people on those past Committees as to my ability and suitability to preside in such settings.  One of my proudest inadvertent “endorsements” was from someone who does not agree with me on many things who said to this effect, “So an excellent past two-time Platform Committee Chair was elected for a third time, color me surprised.”  I remember a fellow LNC’s members endorsement of me for interim Platform Committee Chair last term by detailing how I always went above and beyond for the Committee including preparing individual notebooks for each Committee member for our mid-term in-person meeting and dealing with aplomb a last minute location change.  I did serve on the Bylaws Committee in 2018, and worked on brokering a consensus that led to the Statement of Principles being protected which I consider one of my greatest accomplishments in the Party.


 I touched on this above but really detailed record-keeping and tracking is essential for this role.  My past and current roles have both prepared me to hone these skills and proven I have them.  One example I will give is the Welcome Manual you all received when added to this Committee.  This is not something that is “standard,” but something I took it upon myself to do, though I hope it is a practice that will carry forward.  I promise I will prepare and organize this Committee meticulously and above and beyond for this task.

 Trust factor

 At least in recent history (if not in nearly the entire history), the Platform Committee proposals were wildly successful and well received.  Every proposal that was brought to the floor in 2022 passed and in 2018 I believe only one did not pass, and we even passed one without objection.  Most were passed quickly.  This does not happen accidently.  It takes a lot of preparation but more importantly it requires a connection with the delegates by the presenter, who is the Committee Chair.  Even amongst people who may not agree in other areas know that my concern is with protection of rights and solid procedure and that I have the historical knowledge to know what has worked and not.  If I present a proposal as something I get behind, people trust me – and that is more important than I can say in presenting national committee proposals.  Multiple affiliates believe that I was critical in advocating for their very existence and that of the rights of their members.

 Transparency and Delegate Engagement

 As past Platform Committee Chair I planned multiple town halls and all of our meetings were open and transparent.  I will do the same this time.  (watch the video for some additional ideas I have that relate to very unique challenges we will have this term)

 Time Availability

 I do not volunteer for anything that I cannot give my everything to, and this is no exception.  I have the time and the passion.  Normally the LNC does not appoint this Committee until far later in the term.  I was the one who insisted we appoint much earlier, and I believe (from past experience in how things go on these committees and future inevitable unexpected delays) we have to hit the ground running in January.  I am ready to do that.  Otherwise, there was really no point to appointing this early, and that was the intent of the LNC from what I can discern.  It was certainly my intent.  (again, see video for some details related to this)

Last of all, I would like to end the way I was taught by every campaign training I have attended.  I am asking you for your vote.  I truly really want this position and would appreciate your support.  I also fully intend if elected Chair to ask you to decide to have a Committee Vice-Chair, and that said person be Mr. Moellman.  It is important to have a qualified person to pass the gavel to and share in the work.  Everyone has to miss a meeting, and work must go on.

In Liberty, Caryn Ann Harlos
LNC Secretary and LP Historical Preservation Committee Chair ~ 561.523.2250

Sylvia Arrowwood

Dec 7, 2022, 3:50:04 PM12/7/22
to bylaws-committee-2024, Ken Moellman
Will do my best to do a good job as Secretary to our
committee.  Please do not hesitate to help keep me on
the proper path; do not be shy.  Have been around the
block more than once, and you won't break my heart if
your ideas about minutes might differ from mine.  Feel
free to make any comments.

Am member of South Carolina Libertarian Party and
National.  Belong to no caucus as being a Professional
Registered Parliamentarian should remain neutral when
issuing opinions involving the affiliates or persons belonging

Thanks for your consideration and any comments along the

Sylvia Arrowwood, PRP
South Carolina and National LP

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Secretary LNC

Dec 7, 2022, 4:48:17 PM12/7/22
to, Ken Moellman
Thank you Ms. Arrowwood.  If any of you follow the LNC list, you know I have an outpatient medical procedure today so I will be absent until tomorrow.  Hopefully there are no candidate questions for me as this time period ends tonight.  I will be sending out the OpaVote ballots before I go to work at some point in the AM hours on the 8th.

I will also start a thread for people to alert me if they have any OpaVote issues or don't get their ballots.  Remember, only primary representatives get these ballots.  

In Liberty, Caryn Ann Harlos
LNC Secretary and LP Historical Preservation Committee Chair ~ 561.523.2250

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