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Sep 12, 2023, 1:17:55 PM9/12/23
to Bylaws Committee 2024
Proposal X on restructuring the LNC is coming up, and I had earlier been in favor of having it be the last proposal we took up.  I've changed my mind on that.  If there are some proposals we don't get to because we run out of time, this shouldn't be the one.  I'll voluntarily move all of my proposals to the end - except for resolving affiliate disputes - if it makes things easier.

The concern is that the two proposals we have for X will take too much time for debate.  We can avoid that by having most of the debate online here on the list.

For wordsmithing at least, I encourage everyone to go over both of them with a fine tooth comb before we're in meeting.  For debate on the merits of the three options (which are doing nothing, proposing X1, and proposing X2,) I think that can happen online better than during meeting time too.

Also I'm going to suggest that when we get to X we first decide which of the two proposals to consider before we perfect either of them.  I know we've been doing it the other way for other proposals, but I think we're likely to end up with a better product with less time spent if we choose one and then start amending the one we choose.  If it's a big deal I won't insist on it, I just think it'll work better.

Of course, if both of them were perfected before we got to the meeting that would save time too.
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