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Welcome! This is a place for announcements and discussion about the Stripe API ( This includes input on the current API, suggestions for features, and discussion around API design decisions. For troubleshooting or any other support request, please e-mail

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subscription ending webhook Julian Lyndon-Smith 7/23/17
multiple subscription of a plan Daesung Park 7/21/17
Metadata search 7/21/17
Copying test data to production? Ravi Subramanian 7/19/17
Autocomplete and Elements 7/13/17
Webhook Signature Verification 7/13/17
invoice.created webhook and changing subscription quantities xylude xaalud 7/3/17
Receipt Numbers Jonathan Rivera 7/3/17
How to tie/link a payout with the charge that preceded it? Ron Lum 6/30/17
Different error messages from #createToken and actual api call Ilya S. 6/28/17
Disabling email field in Stripe Checkout Vladimir Andrijevik 6/28/17
Coupon codes attached to a subscription discounts the entire invoice? David Paul 6/23/17
Missing balance_transaction type explination of possible states Ronald 6/22/17
Change the default placeholder for card Element James Kam-Radcliffe 6/16/17
Issues previewing prorations Kyle Fox 6/13/17
Releasing (or refunding) an uncaptured charge Dean Richardson 6/11/17
API inconsistency when removing subscription coupons Kyle Fox 6/8/17
Connect Manual Charge + Transfer Question Dmitriy 6/7/17
Stripe Coupon Active Redemptions in API Keith Mattix 6/2/17
Starting a subscription with a prorated period Aaron Michal 5/31/17
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