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Welcome! This is a place for announcements and discussion about the Stripe API ( This includes input on the current API, suggestions for features, and discussion around API design decisions. For troubleshooting or any other support request, please e-mail

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[stripe-api-announce] Updates for May 24 'Brandur Leach' via Stripe API Announcements 5/24/16
Statement Descriptor Validation Jonathan Parker 5/21/16
Getting currency that will be paid from a charge Stijn Verrept 5/19/16
CC to determine processing fee Jonathan Parker 5/19/16
Charge:: CVC for existing customer Vijay Kumar Rajput 5/16/16
Creating Subscription with a trial of 1 hour raises card error Liam Krewer 5/11/16
[stripe-api-announce] Updates for May 10 'Karla Burnett' via Stripe API Announcements 5/11/16
API docs for old version Paul DeBruicker 5/9/16
Pass on Stripe Fees + VAT Martin McInnes 5/9/16
Wrong Expiration MM/YY returns "Your card's security code is incorrect." message Charles Zhang ( 5/8/16
Test Credit card numbers for the UK and other countries. Steve Moulton 5/3/16
[stripe-api-announce] Updates for April 21 'Brandur Leach' via Stripe API Announcements 4/21/16
De-tokenization... Joel Auge 4/21/16
Duplicate Customers Jonathan Rivera 4/14/16
Pricing Breakdown Through API Jonathan Parker 4/14/16
Transferring customers into a connected account Gabe Ragland 4/14/16
Checking for Duplicate Cards within a Stripe Customer Charles Zhang ( 4/14/16
How to call for Stripe Connect Webhooks? Yoni Rabinovitch 4/14/16
[stripe-api-announce] Updates for April 13 'Mark McGranaghan' via Stripe API Announcements 4/13/16
editing saved card info Jamin Benjamin 4/12/16
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