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Welcome! This is a place for announcements and discussion about the Stripe API ( This includes input on the current API, suggestions for features, and discussion around API design decisions. For troubleshooting or any other support request, please e-mail

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Retrieve Subscriptions Jeremy Benson 10/7/15
Confused about Stripe downgrades andy mclaughlan 10/6/15
Need to give a N length (4months only) for a subscription Chamssoudine Bacar 10/2/15
Managed Accounts and Address Verification Eric Lamb 10/2/15
No such customer Chamssoudine Bacar 10/1/15
Status of billing_cycle_anchor? Filip Wieland 9/30/15
Feature request for checkout.js John 9/30/15
Feature request: Allow more granular Retry Settings intervals Bryan Heu 9/24/15
Retrieve all customers by plan ID Ben Goldberg 9/24/15
bunch create invoice items Olivier Pilotte 9/24/15
Test Credit card numbers for the UK and other countries. Steve Moulton 9/22/15
[stripe-api-announce] Updates for September 21st Michelle Bu 9/21/15
Disabling email field in Stripe Checkout Vladimir Andrijevik 9/21/15
how to ask for Mobile or Phone no. in Stripe payment screen Amit Chauhan 9/21/15
Charging one-time-use tokens attached to a customer James 9/20/15
how can I know if a customer has upgraded from a single event? Jason 9/4/15
Charges seem to be failing based on where the card token was created Peter Sinnott 9/4/15
Notifications of Card Cancellations Eugenia 9/2/15
Subscription billing edge cases Mantas Konstantinavicius 8/28/15
past_due subscription back to active Jigar Dhulla 8/27/15
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