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Welcome! This is a place for announcements and discussion about the Stripe API ( This includes input on the current API, suggestions for features, and discussion around API design decisions. For troubleshooting or any other support request, please e-mail

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[stripe-api-announce] stripe-go 27.0.0: form tags and cleanup (please test upgrades!) 'Brandur' via Stripe API Announcements 9/19/17
Accessing account info with the new restricted keys Bastien Petit 9/15/17
Webhook event for suspected fraud Leo Brdar 9/13/17
[stripe-api-announce] stripe-node 5.0.0 drops support for Node.js 0.x 'Brandur' via Stripe API Announcements 9/12/17
Elements placeholders in IE 9/5/17
Disabling email field in Stripe Checkout Vladimir Andrijevik 8/29/17
Safe to assume that all Stripe API dates are in UTC? Dave Rapin 8/28/17
List of Charges by Payout / Balancer Transfer Dave Rapin 8/28/17
[stripe-api-announce] Breaking change on some `Del` functions in stripe-go 25.0.0 'Brandur' via Stripe API Announcements 8/21/17
How can one retrieve the scheduled payouts from a managed account using STRIPE API? Ankit Khatri 8/13/17
Change the default placeholder for card Element James Kam-Radcliffe 8/10/17
stripe.js elements Robin Williams 8/10/17
Fraudulent card - no indicator in error message Robin Williams 8/9/17
subscription ending webhook Julian Lyndon-Smith 7/23/17
multiple subscription of a plan Daesung Park 7/21/17
Metadata search 7/21/17
Copying test data to production? Ravi Subramanian 7/19/17
Autocomplete and Elements 7/13/17
Webhook Signature Verification 7/13/17
invoice.created webhook and changing subscription quantities xylude xaalud 7/3/17
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