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Welcome! This is a place for announcements and discussion about the Stripe API ( This includes input on the current API, suggestions for features, and discussion around API design decisions. For troubleshooting or any other support request, please e-mail

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past_due subscription back to active Jigar Dhulla 8/27/15
[stripe-api-announce] Updates for August 24 Caitlin 8/24/15
Subscription billing edge cases Mantas Konstantinavicius 8/24/15
Calculation of MRR in Stripe Pinky 8/20/15
Subscriptions Kim Tim 8/20/15
Stripe subscription invoicing suggestions Jonathon Fillmore 8/19/15
retrying idempotent requests and error responses from stripe Luke Valenty 8/15/15
Credit Card errors - difference between 'code' and 'declineCode' Brendan Humphreys 8/15/15
Giving discounts to yearly subscribers Wyatt Weisensel 8/13/15
Is there a way to add a 15 month plan? Charles Olaes 8/12/15
Migrate customer to a plan with a different currency Tony 8/11/15
Are Fees in Charges Reflected in Transferred Amounts? Tri Nguyen 8/10/15
Subscription With Start Date and Trial End Date Jonathan Parker 8/10/15
403 Forbidden Error Amutha Bharathi 8/6/15
Bitcoin refunds failing Leo H 8/6/15
Show billing history for Stripe customer records Oliver Nassar 8/6/15
rest API POST Maarten Mostert 8/6/15
Swapping plans and updating billing cycle requires new subscription to be created? Eugenia 8/6/15
test webhook errors Jonathan Parker 8/5/15
charge.dispute.funds_reinstated and charge.dispute.funds_withdrawn webhooks are failing Nathan Stowell 8/5/15
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