P4.org email list transition is complete, and some notes on the new setup

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Andy Fingerhut

Mar 20, 2022, 12:31:57 PM3/20/22
to p4-an...@lists.p4.org, p4-...@lists.p4.org, p4-...@lists.p4.org, p4-...@lists.p4.org, p4-d...@lists.p4.org, p4-dev, p4-di...@lists.p4.org, p4-...@lists.p4.org
I believe the last task related to this email list transition is now complete, which is that the URL https://lists.p4.org, which formerly went to the web site for managing the old Mailman email software, now redirects to this page, which if you scroll down a little bit shows a list of all P4.org email lists and how to join them: https://p4.org/join/

I have confirmed that for all of the email lists that were created for conversation of one of the P4.org working groups (language, architecture, API, applications, education), all of the working group chairs are owners of those email lists.

If you wish to contact all of the current owners of a P4.org email list, add "+owner" to the name of the email list.  For example, to send a message to all owners of the p4-...@lists.p4.org email list, send your email to the address p4-arc...@lists.p4.org

Andy Fingerhut

Christian Esteve Rothenberg

Jun 17, 2022, 5:55:02 PM6/17/22
to p4-...@lists.p4.org, p4-...@lists.p4.org, Christian Rodolfo Esteve Rothenberg, Fabricio Rodríguez
Dear P4 enthusiasts,

in case you missed the presentation on the P7 network emulation
platform for Tofino targets in the past P4 workshop:



we would like to let P4 practitioners and network educators in general
about its open-source availability:


We have identified an interesting roadmap ahead based on multiple use
cases to add link / network emulation capabilities to P4 testbeds, P4
app developments, demo setups, etc.

Totally inspired by the Mininet emulator and its success in supporting
SDN research (and traditional networking education), we believe the P7
emulator could become a valuable community-based experimental platform
in support of the networking research and education communities.

We welcome feature requests, code contributions, use cases, and so on.

Christian (on behalf of the sponsors and contributors of P7)
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