Question about implementing EWMA calculation in P4 data plane

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Xudong Liao

Aug 9, 2023, 12:26:45 PM8/9/23
to p4-dev

I am currently working on a project that involves using EWMA (Exponential Weighted Moving Average) to calculate a statistical value with a register in the P4 data plane. Code snippets are shown below, but the code cannot be compiled due to the invalid expression in "update_lo_1_value" . Does anyone know how to do it in p4 data plane?

register value_record {
    width : 64;
    instance_count : 4;

blackbox stateful_alu alu_record_value {
    reg: value_record;
    condition_lo: register_lo == 0;
    // update the value
    update_lo_1_predicate : not condition_lo;
    update_lo_1_value : (register_lo - (register_lo >> 3)) + (new_value >>3);
    // init this value
    update_lo_2_predicate : condition_lo;
    update_lo_2_value : new_value;


Andy Fingerhut

Aug 9, 2023, 2:00:49 PM8/9/23
to Xudong Liao, p4-dev
From the source code in your question, you appear to be using a P4_14 compiler for Tofino.

You may want to consider using P4_16 instead, as recent Tofino SDEs support it perhaps even better than P4_14 is supported.

There is a fairly low limit to what your NDA permits you to ask about the Tofino SDE on public forums.


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