[P4-Apps] Revised metadata semantics yang module for INT v2

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Spiegel, Mickey

Apr 2, 2021, 10:20:16 PM4/2/21
to p4-...@lists.p4.org

New pull request is at https://github.com/p4lang/p4-applications/pull/91.


This will be discussed at the meeting on Monday.


Revise metadata semantics yang module for INT v2

  • Rename p4-dtel-metadata-semantics.yang to p4-int-metadata-semantics.yang
    • Align with strategy to call all aspects and variants part of INT
  • Replace per metadata field groupings with generic grouping that
    can be used for metadata semantics details of all fields
    • Add identity statements for each baseline metadata field
    • Add identity statements for three common domain specific fields
      • flow_id
      • sequence_number
      • mac_address
    • Move leafs that apply to specific metadata fields to the generic
      grouping, conditioning the leafs using "when" statements
    • Move node-id to generic grouping, conditioning this leaf
      when the metadata field is node_id
    • Remove grouping for identifiers since this is moved to generic per
      metadata field groupings
    • Add grouping for domain specific metadata details including
      • size in 4-byte words
      • INT-MX properties as defined in INT 2.1
  • Add nested groupings for domain specific ids, along with bit
    position and identity reference for each domain specific metadata
    field associated with each domain


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