[P4-Apps] INT v2.0 released!

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Lee, Jeongkeun

Feb 25, 2020, 9:42:20 PM2/25/20
to p4-...@lists.p4.org
Dear members,

We're glad to announce INT v2.0 was cut and is available at:

The major changes in v2.0 include
  • Domain specific extension
    • Provides a lot of flexibility, adopted by IETF IOAM as well
    • in INT it also allows 'source-only' metadata for Edge-to-Edge use cases
  • New transports
    • IPv4/GRE
    • new UDP encap using a new UDP destination port
    • VXLAN <-> VXLAN GPE conversion
  • Metadata
    • Timestamps in 8B
    • Level 2 Port ID (e.g., virtual interface)
    • shared buffer occupancy
  • Introduced XD, MD, MX application modes
Next steps:
  • Telemetry report spec 2.0
  • INT v2.1
    • define MX-type header
    • define CL (Closed Loop) type for NIC closed-loop control use cases
    • define Destination header, if needed
    • (all three has a commonality: no header addition by transit nodes)
    • ipv6 hop-by-hop extension
Thanks a lot for all your great inputs.
We will soon announce the next meeting schedule.

JK Lee
Mukesh Hira

Nick McKeown

Feb 25, 2020, 11:22:55 PM2/25/20
to p4-...@lists.p4.org
Great job team - this is a big milestone for INT. It is really super to see it evolve and mature as more people use it.


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