[P4-Apps] Meeting notes from 3/6 / Next meeting on 3/13

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Lee, Jeongkeun

Mar 6, 2020, 2:17:04 PM3/6/20
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Attendees: Randy L. (CableLabs), Ramesh S. (Cisco Systems), Mickey S., JK L. (Intel)

  • Source-only example PR merged into INT.mdk master (will be part v2.1)
Discussions/Decisions on INT v2.1
  • INT-MX is prioritized over other items. We will close v2.1 with INT-MX in March.
  • Ipv6 transport discussion is put on hold, pushed to v2.2. Will see the progress of IETF in March/April.
  • Similarly INT-CL (Closed Loop) will be discussed for v2.2. We need more thoughts on use cases and interactions with NIC/end-hosts. 
  • AR: Ramesh will rebase his current PR on top of INT master, we will discuss/close in the next meeting (3/13)
Discussions on report spec 2.0
  • Randy brought up an usecase where multiple reports, (each report = per-pkt metadata + orig pkt headers), needs to be coalesced.
  • The Next Proto approach proposed in https://github.com/p4lang/p4-applications/pull/61 doesn't support this use case. PR61 embeds flow-ID instead of orig pkt headers. 
  • AR: Mickey will create a new PR that can cover both usecases
We will have the next meeting 3/13 Friday 10am to discuss the new PRs and close on INT-MX (v2.1) and Report spec 2.0.

The Google calendar invite is here.


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